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Name: Brad
Subject: Products to be placed in Europe
Question: QUESTION: Hi Ronald, I am looking to get a particular product that is not currently to be found in many countries overseas.What I am trying is to be either representative for the Company who will go over,make deals,sale or if there is any other option that you could recommend in this matter.

Ronald,I am of course interested in some venture with US manufacture in order for me to have best deal when it comes to my compensation.Please,if you can give me anything that could be helpful for me to start business relation like this.
Thank you so much for your time,

Brad M. Orlando,FL


Brad: Do you have expertise in particular countries? If not, your real issue is getting local distributors and representatives. Since the laws concerning products, safety, importation and tariffs differ greatly by country, that is the big issue.

Maybe you can work with a multinational manufacturer and distributor. Secondly, do you own the patent to the product? If not, exactly why are you needed? Why can’t the manufacturers immediately start competing with you?

I hope this helps! Ron Cappuccio