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Solving Tax Law Issues

Stopping the IRS

By hiring an experienced tax and business attorney you will be relieved of the burden of personally fighting the IRS and Tax authorities. Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax), tax attorney will:

represent you at all IRS offices
respond to IRS demand letters and communications
prevent the IRS from contacting you
confront IRS Revenue Officers and prevent IRS intimidation and mistakes
pursue all administrative and legal remedies

Tax Planning

In the rapidly changing business environment of the 21st Century, knowledge of the latest tax laws, as well as the realities of running a modern business, provides me with the insight to develop realistic long range tax plans for my clients. Business and tax planning requires knowledge of US, State, and local tax laws relating to the business, its principals and employees.
My tax experience emphasizes the formation and representation of LLCs, corporations and partnerships with regard to business start-ups and expansions, including tax consequences related to mergers and acquisitions. I can help you with

Determining the best form of Business Entity
IRS Audits
State tax and labor – employment – tax audits
Tax liens and levy defense
IRS Collection issues
Tax Installment Agreements
IRS Offer in Compromise to reduce taxes
Tax advice and planning
Tax Free 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges