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Limited liability companies are organized by filing a Certificate or Articles of Formation with the Secretary of State…

Operating Agreement

The Operating Agreement is an agreement between the members of a limited liability company…


The Limited Liability Company is an extremely flexible tool which has the limited liability advantages of a corporation…

There is No Magic Form for starting a LLC.

The act of incorporating or forming a limited liability company is not especially difficult. Deciding the type of independent entity, dealing with the IRS and state tax authorities, requires particular skill and experience. Your business deserves the careful individual consideration of a business and tax attorney. Our firm provides innovative legal, tax and business solutions for small and mid-sized independent business start-up and emerging growth companies, LLC’s, corporations and partnerships.


EIC letter from IRS, legit? or unscrupulous IRS tactic?

I received a letter from the IRS saying I qualify for Earned Income Credit,
and if I sign the letter and send it back they will send me a check. Could this be some sort of shady IRS tactic to get to open the door for an audit? I’ve been audited …

Ronald’s Answer
yesterday at 12:25am

I have not heard of this being a scam. You should show the letter to your tax preparer. I am surprised that this was not claimed on your return/

Good luck!
Ron Cappuccio